Interactive tour of the Seyne-les-Alpes Citadel
14 - Louis-Philippe bastion

This underground staircase gives access to a bastion built in the XIXth century, under Louis-Philippe. The Fort then arouses a renewed interest. In Italy, it was the era of the Risorgimento and the newly restored French royalty looked suspiciously at the democratic movement which agitated its Transalpine neighbors. The Alpine fortifications are thus the object of a new attention, which is worth the Fort of Seyne to know a brief, but consequent episode of renovation. The north casemates (backhand battery) and south (in the fortress) were built to protect the south entrance of the Fort and the west curtain.
The bastion consisted of a floor. You will notice the "crows" that supported the floor of the upper room.
Under Napoleon III. There was no longer any fear of the proximity of an united Italy. The citadel is gradually abandoned. It was decommissioned in 1866 and its garrison joined the Fort of Saint-Vincent. Despite the efforts of the successive municipalities to reclassify the fort or to transform it into a penitentiary center, it ended up being sold on September 6, 1907. Purchased by a private individual, it then passes from hand to hand and degrades for lack of maintenance .