Interactive tour of the Seyne-les-Alpes Citadel
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4 - Barracks

These wall panels are the remains of the barracks used to house the garrison (troop men, sub-major and artillery guard).

The major and the governor lodged in the city.
They were made up of two adjoining buildings which consisted of two levels consisting of four twelve-bed rooms.

Each building could have housed 144 men (there were only two beds for three men because of the guard towers). The citadel actually housed a maximum of 120 men.

The barracks in 1913
From 1716 to 1791, the War Invalids guarded the Fort.
Those most affected were welcomed in Paris at the Hotel des Invalides.Those who could still hold a gun, the "service invalids", were assigned to guard the royal palaces and fortresses of the Country.

The barracks were built with more fragile stones (the schists) than those of the bastions and ramparts; So they quickly deteriorated after the fort had been decommissioned, sold at auction in 1907 and then abandoned by its successive owners.