Interactive tour of the Seyne-les-Alpes Citadel
1 - Entry of the Fort
Here you leave the fortress front.
Going over the gate, you enter the Fort itself.
In front of you, you draw a narrow and narrow passage. He had to delay the progression of the attackers who were exposed to these defenders of the place to the fire placed in a dominant position at the top of the slope.
Undoubtedly, you know the expression "be in a hurry"? The pinch is the name of the wall in front of you. It is formed of two walls that meet at a concave angle.
The defenders of the fort could concentrate their doors on the fire.
The ramp to the Fort, before and after the rehabilitation of the grid, was restored in 1993. The sidewalks (or paving stones) were identical roads all Fort.
Note the width of the steps.
They are not adapted to humans, but not to that of the mule!