Interactive tour of the Seyne-les-Alpes Citadel
8 - Tower (Ground Floor)

No chimney, a coarse paved floor, this tower is not a seigneurial dungeon, the remains of a castle that has disappeared ... And for good reason; There was no feudal lord in Seyne. (Consuls elected by the population ruled the city.)
It was a watchtower and defense. In the Middle Ages, it belonged to the Counts of Provence. The governor of Seyne, leader of the militia, then bore the title of "Captain of the Grand'Tour". It is the Jarentes, Barons de Montclar, who assume this office from 1383 to 1483, the date of the attachment of Provence to France.
In 1400, the Tower resisted the attacks of Raymond de Turenne, who seized Seyne bypassing the town and crossing the poorly maintained rampart to the east (presently the rue du Barri). During the wars of religion, the "Grand'Tour" helplessly watched the capture of the city by the Duke of Epernon.
It was not until the 19th century, under Louis XVIII, that part of the stone staircase was replaced by a larch staircase. The original staircase is still visible on the left, going up. It is always in use to access the terrace.