Interactive tour of the Seyne-les-Alpes Citadel
Front Fort

Before you stands the bridge through which you enter the fortress.
This bridge consisted of two parts:

- The narrowest and closest part of the door could be raised by a rocking system. It obstructed the entrance in case of danger (drawbridge)
- The rest of the bridge, like today, was fixed (sleeping bridge).

The wall pierced by three loopholes, behind the bridge, to the left of the entrance, is that of the bastion Louis-Philippe of which you could visit the interior.

At the corner of this wall, at the level of the road, one can guess the vestiges of the enclosure built in 1690 by Niquet to protect the city; This enclosure, which crosses the Fort through and through, placed the strong front inside the city, thus creating a second line of defense.

From the bridge, you will see the location of a postern which is walled for security reasons.
Open at a distance of 2 meters from the ground, it allowed, by means of a ladder, to enter and leave the Fort without maneuvering the drawbridge